Right People in Right Jobs

The Phases of Business Growth


“Eventually everything connects — people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connection is the key to quality per se.”
-Charles Eames, designer

Connection is the spark lighting the fire of business performance. When we connect, customers buy. Teams connect, building momentum and capacity. Connecting with ideas shapes decision-making and aligns action. Strategy connected to execution drives results.

At Ewing & Associates, we make the connections that deliver quality performance.
Connect with us.

When you connect with us, we listen. We customize every engagement: no cookie-cutter solutions. We draw from a wide range of skills, tools and approaches, weaving solutions in collaboration with you.

What We Do

Businesses develop through a series of predictable phases as the company grows and become more complex. Success leads to a series of predictable challenges due to growth, increasing complexity, adaptation to changing market conditions, people and systems issues. We understand these phases and what it takes to evolve to the next level of performance and size. Clients call on us to facilitate their company’s evolution beyond the founding/entrepreneurial phase to the next level: the professionally managed phase.

We help to preserve the the values and personality of the founders and their vision while building capacity, managing complexity, developing management expertise.

One key to successful evolution is storytelling: providing meaning and continuity in the transition from what was to what will be. Stories are the glue that connects people to the higher purposes of their jobs and inspire motivation and commitment.


Determine impediments limiting performance and evolution.

The Balanced ScorecardTM is a helpful model to ensure a comprehensive assessment of company capabilities in Business Development and Customer Service, Operations, Leadership and People Development and Finance.

Organizational Design

Restructure to manage complexity
Get the right people in the right positions
Staff appropriately
Define roles clearly


Systems must evolve along with growth. Put systems in place to manage the complexity, deliver the data needed to effectively manage the company and set up dashboards to monitor vital factors. Financial systems in particular often need updating.


Getting the right people in the right positions.
Optimizing team and individual performance and collaboration.
Communication to develop the connections between organizational purpose and strategy to day to day decisions and actions.

Strategic and Operational Planning

From a simple update to an existing strategic or operational plan to building a plan from scratch, our collaborative process connects ideas to implementation. Depending on the needs, we can develop a plan with the senior team, an expanded group or the entire company. Our process makes the most of your precious planning time and is customized to your needs, including but not limited to these elements:

We start with a comprehansive analysis of the current state of the environment and how the company is operating:

-Guiding Values and principles.
-Direction: Delivering greatest value to customers.
-Stakeholder Analysis
-Economy, Market Trends
-Competitor Data -Positioning -SWOT Analysis


Nothing drags an organization down like inffective meetings. We have decades of experience in designing and facilitating meetings that energize teams and optimize performance. We make the most of your time through interactive activities designed to reach consensus quickly and collegially.

We use this data to:

-Select Key Issues to Address
-Set Objectives
-Develop Innovatives Ideas (and sometimes prototype them)
-Create Action Plans to achieve the goals
-Assign Roles, Responsibilities and Timelines.


Presentation Skills
Communication Skills
Facilitative Leadership: How to bring out the best in your team through creative meeting strategies.

Our Clients

Partial Client list

Anheuser Busch, ARC International - Worldwide, Avaya, Baptish Health Of South Florida, The Body Shop - UK, California State Automobile Association (AAA), Canada Trust, Citicorp, Diners Club, FirstDataCorp, FNMA, Frontier Medical Institute
GalxoSmithKline, Hewlett Packard, Hoechst, Marion, Roussel, IDS, Financial Services, Inchcape Pacific, Hong Kong Intel, Interacion A/S - Norway, Johnson and Johnson, LA Agencia de Ocri, MasterCorp, McDonald's, Merck, Merrill Lynch, Mercure - Norway,
Muncipal Credit Union Of NYC, National Association of School Executives, National Nuclear Security Agency (NNSA), Nokia Finland, OLIN, Procter & Gamble, Quaesitor - UK, Storage Technology Corporation, Sun Microsystems, Thomson-McKinnon, U.S Navy, Western Union

What Client Say

“Without Lara Ewing, there would be no OLIN. She orchestrated the transition that enabled the firm to survive the downturn.”
Susan Weiler, former Managing Partner, OLIN

Our Clients
Noel Lee, Founder and CEO, Monster Cable

We’ve used many consultants along the way. But the Ewing & Associates approach pulled the disparate elements of our business into line so that our energies were moving in the same
direction. It made the difference we needed to accelerate growth and build the capacity to handle it. High-performing product designers, marketing, sales, procurement, customer care and finance people all see the world in different ways. Now we see one big picture, and each of us knows what we have to deliver to take this company to the next level. It’s been a stretch, personally and professionally, and a privilege to work with Lara.

Our Clients
Hector Orci, CEO, La Agencia de Orci

Lara Ewing is a highly skilled professional with an amazing ability to surface truth and bring volatile personalities and differing opinions into agreement. Her judgment, integrity and strategic insight has been essential to growing our agency and helping us manage the growth. She is fearless in challenging us, gentle in leading us to deal with the real issues holding us back. Her business planning expertise helps us focus our resources and is a huge factor responsible for our success.

Our Clients
Robert White, CEO, arc worldwide
Author, Living an Extraordinary Life

Lara has been an extraordinary resource to my companies in Asia and North America for 20 years. She has highly developed skills in working directly with high-ego, already-successful people to improve their individual and team performance. Coach, facilitator, strategic visionary, change maven: I hold Lara as a true, authentic gift in my life and recommend her without reservation.

Our Clients
Mark Clevenger, Clevenger Associates

Ewing & Associates is the powerhouse I call on when a client has a particularly daunting challenge. Creative organizations often need an epiphany about how to best interact and communicate. Ewing & Associates is the leading specialist in human interaction and organizational change. Their techniques work. Bottom line: they get results.

Who We Are

Our Team

Our Clients

Lara Ewing is a management consultant, author and senior executive facilitator delivering integrative business solutions for over 35 years in 22 countries on six continents. Top leaders call upon her to manage large-scale transitions calling for organizational design, strategic planning, leadership selection and development, communications and merging cultures. She’s worked in industries as diverse as finance, hi-tech, pharma, consumer electronics, advertising and health care.

Her clients include AAA, AmEx (U.S. and Asia), Baptist Hospital Systems of South Florida, Citicorp, GSK (U.S. and U.K.), HP, Intel, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Merrill Lynch, Monster Cable, the U.S. Dept. of Energy, Nokia (Finland), Procter & Gamble and Sun Microsystems.

    Sample projects include year-long leadership development courses for over 200 physicians in a major hospital setting, teaching line managers to deliver culture-transformation seminars and creating the plan to integrate geographic service divisions into one organization delivering service worldwide.

Our Clients

William Casey , Ph. D. consults in the area of organizational behavior management specializing in organizational structure design and large project management. He was vice president with a subsidiary of Touche Ross, the Garr Consulting Group.

In addition to his consulting practice, Bill serves on the faculty of the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California, teaching strategic planning and execution to senior civilian and military leaders.He is one of the top-rated speakers in the Navy’s Executive Business Course and Corporate Business Course. Bill also has taught for the Haas School of Business (U.Cal, Berkeley), the Daniels School of Business and University College (University of Denver), and others.

    He completed his doctorate in psychology at the University of Kansas, with a dissertation focusing on business applications of reinforcement theory. He also has a masters degree in counseling from the University of Denver.

Our Clients 

Wendi Peck consults and teaches on aligning and focusing organizational effort for rapid, successful strategy execution. For over 20 years, she has specialized in challenges related to complex, cross-organizational work. Wendi writes and speaks on management-related topics. She co-authored the monthly column, “Managing For Results” in the Denver Business Journal, and was a contributor to the book, Business Driven Information Technology: Answers to 100 Critical Questions for Every Manager.

Wendi received an MBA from the University of Denver and a Master’s Certificate in Project Management from George Washington University.

    “A deep connection starts with interest, open-mindedness, & paying attention to every detail including flaws.”

    ― April Mae Monterrosa

Our Clients 

Sandy McDowell Sandy works across the world with Fortune 100 companies, taking strategy from concept to operational reality to realize the full potential of a business. Business leaders value his breadth of vision, his challenge to think bigger and more innovatively, to create new realities for the future and take a leading place in the global economy.

His background in advanced physics, economics and business drive his professional focus on organizational success in complex environments.

    “His clients include Motorola, BT, BP, GlaxoSmithKline & IBM.”

Our Clients 

Liza Charlton Liza Charlton has 25 years of experience in working with extraordinary performers in Fortune 100 companies. She has unique expertise in assessing and developing talent for the business world and in researching and preparing businesses to be successful in the uncertainty of the current economic climate.

Her work focuses on strategic, systemic and sustainable solutions, with robust processes to evaluate and develop their impact. She has global experience in helping her clients to identify and build their own high-performance strategies and add multi-million dollar value to the bottom line of their business.

    “Her clients include BP, AstraZeneca, IBM, Motorola, Shell and Unilever.”


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